The Kosher Place Restaurant The Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal, Abu Dhabi

Delicacy Embraced by Opulence

The Kosher Place restaurant is a top-notch restaurant that serves up the finest kosher food in the capital, Abu Dhabi.

The signature fine-dining experience offered at The Kosher Place in The Ritz-Carlton is unparalleled. The exquisite

ambiance paired with the vast variety of the most beloved kosher creations inspires your soul and excites your taste buds.

Gourmet Dining amidst Breathtaking Views

Under the supervision of the UAE Rabbi Levi Duchman, The Kosher Place restaurant takes diners on a flavorful journey to the authentic kosher cuisine with a contemporary twist that satisfies every taste.

The Kosher Place offers its guests stunning views for dreamy and unforgettable moments. The scenery represents superb escape from the fast pace of life and a golden gate to a new world of kosher flavors and enchanting vibes.

The captivating interiors of The Kosher Place restaurant are highly luxurious yet soft and comfortable. Each dish of your choice will be a novel adventure to indulge in.

Delight Your Palate

The Kosher Place fuses selected seasonal ingredients and flavors with warm service and sensuous design. Our Executive Chef, in collaboration with his passionate team, opened The Kosher Place to invite diners inside a creative, immersive, and elevated eating environment. It is a space that celebrates sense and enjoyment: evolving menus blend with curated beverages accompanied by a musical atmosphere and delicious sounds absorb into décor.

The Kosher Place Menu

Our menus feature fresh, seasonal ingredients, offering the most delicious kosher food in the UAE.

The lavish abundance of traditional delicacies and contemporary flavors served at The Kosher Place thoroughly comply with the strictest Jewish dietary laws. We offer a wide array of delicious starters, scrumptious main courses, fresh salads, appetizing dips, sides, and lovely desserts. Your kids will also enjoy their dining with a special kids’ menu.

Our beverages menu includes fresh juices, coffee, and tea that will be blended with your preferred milk.

Whatever your favorite foods may be, you can be sure when you dine at The Kosher Place that they will be certified Kosher, and they are guaranteed to be amazing.

Exemplary & Classy Service

We are delighted to welcome you to an avant-garde kosher dining experience curated by a team of food connoisseurs driven by an unmatched passion to bring the taste of home to your plate. The Kosher Place world-class chefs and enthusiastic service team ensure every detail is perfectly considered and carefully sourced, providing you with a seamless symphony of splendor and elegance.

Dine with us for an unrivaled kosher food experience, conveniently located in Abu Dhabi!